Solleone Bio


One of our Tokyo-based clients set out to launch a new brand of high-quality, healthy, and environmentally-friendly food products. Organic farming, ancient grains, all natural ingredients. These would be the trademarks of the new brand. Our job would be to take the brand and its products online and into the hands of consumers.

We chose Magento for the platform because of it’s rich e-commerce feature set and support for multiple stores and languages. (This new website would have five of each.) The system also needed to support both B2B and B2C shopping, which meant heavy customization of the Magento system and use of many third-party extensions.

On the design and branding side we had access to an excellent library of professionally-shot photographs, and these provided the key visual imagery throughout the website. Of course we created a responsive website design to ensure that visitors to the website would be presented with a highly-usable, attractive interface no matter what device they used to view it.

Finally, we integrated the system with the cloud-based ERP system Netsuite to create a full, end-to-end sales channel supporting all customer types in five different countries.