Netwise supports Japan-based NPO in global music promotion project


World Positive

Japan Positive Network (JPN) is a non-profit organization working to deepen cross-cultural understanding through music and the arts while addressing problems of child health and cultivation, regional enablement, and protection of the environment. Netwise collaborated with JPN on the renewal of their website and is participating in the World Positive Project, a Japan-based collaborative international music promotion project.

The World Positive Project collects and distributes musical instruments and equipment for re-use by schools and producers globally that can put them to good use. Netwise designed and built a simple website for the project, including a submission form for parties interested in contributing instruments and equipment for aspiring musicians around the world who can enjoy and benefit from them. This project site provides a convenient way for people in Japan with unused or unneeded equipment to share it with economically-challenged aspiring musicians around the world.

For the recipients of these gifts in Africa and elsewhere, the world of music can suddenly take on a new and, more importantly, practical meaning, and represents the gift of music in the truest sense. This project recognizes that music has no borders, and has the power to bring beauty and joy to all that experience it. Music is, after all, universal, a fact that the World Positive Project seeks to recognize and promote.

As a socially-conscious Japanese company, Netwise is proud to support the activities of the Japan Positive Network, and other important community-building projects going forward.