Netwise launches Vinotokyo, Tokyo’s first (and only!) wine portal site


One of our recent projects is now online and is picking up steam in terms of traffic and membership. Here’s the “official” blurb:

Tokyo has a lot to offer wine lovers.

From world-class restaurants to standing wine bars to the massive retail and online wine trade, Tokyoites have access to an incredible range of not only wines, but wine-related events, education and—of course—wine socializing. However, keeping up with the myriad events and topics of interest to lovers of the vine has been difficult at best. But now that’s all changed, and for the first time Tokyoites have a one-stop, comprehensive resource for keeping up with and getting the most out of the world of wine here in Tokyo.

Vinotokyo, Tokyo's first (and only!) wine portal site

Vinotokyo is a community wine portal that exists with the goal of collecting and sharing wine-related information of interest to Tokyoites. It is the first and only online directory of wine bars and wine-centric restaurants in our vast metropolis, with the first comprehensive calendar of wine events such as tastings, dinners and wine parties.

Here are some of the things you can find or do there:

  • Consult the comprehensive (and growing!) restaurant and wine bar listings to discover new places in and around Tokyo to wine and dine.
  • Read and write reviews of wines, restaurants, wine shops, online stores and just about anything else in our directories.
  • Join the Vinotokyo community and interact with others in our access-protected social network.
  • Have a Facebook account? Login with your Facebook details and skip the registration process completely!
  • Check the event calendar to see what’s happening around town in the world of wine.
  • Submit new listings for your favorite wine spots not yet in the system.
  • Join the forums, share tasting notes, recommendations and more.

Ready to get started?

Then either create an account or login with your Facebook credentials using the Connect with Facebook button.