Netwise Launches New Website for the NCCJ


Last month we launched a new website for the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce in Japan ( The previous NCCJ website was badly in need of a facelift and some useful functionality, and Netwise was selected as the agency to make it happen. Here is what we delivered.

NCCJ Website

In the initial planning and strategy phase we spec’d out a system which would provide the NCCJ and its members with a website they could actually get some value from.

For the administrators we built in a powerful newsletter management system for composing, delivering and tracking HTML newsletters, and provided them with a custom-built email template matching the look and feel of the new website.

We also incorporated a full-featured ad manager for managing banner ads throughout the site. The ad manager makes it possible for site administrators to run campaigns for multiple advertisers using a variety of placements in the site, while also tracking impressions and clicks.

Members DirectoryFor the members we created a protected member directory, profile management, newsletter subscriptions, event registration/unregistration, and assorted other community features.

Photo GalleryThe site also has a tasty gallery function which grabs photos from the NCCJ’s Picasa image galleries and embeds them neatly into the site, making it possible for them to continue using their existing image galleries and beloved Picasa photo management tool.

NewsFinally, we added a system for managing chamber events with monthly calendar display and registration/unregistration functions. Event information can also be dropped into the NCCJ email newsletters automatically without additional coding.

Best of all, we wrapped all this up in a stylish and sophisticated Dutch-inspired design. If you look around at the other chamber websites here in Japan you’ll see that they don’t aspire to a particularly high standard when it comes to design. With the NCCJ website we think we’ve raised the bar on chamber websites, while putting the NCCJ clearly at the top of the list. Have a look!