Lacoste Online Store (Mobile)


With 80% of site visits following email newsletter deliveries coming via mobile, creating a smartphone-optimized version of the Lacoste online store for Japan was a no-brainer. And as this would be Lacoste’s first such site globally there was considerable pressure to do it right.

Mobile conversion rates are typically much lower than those for desktops and tablet devices, so creating streamlined shopping and checkout processes would be key to creating a successful online store for mobile. To this end we reduced the checkout steps to 3 and kept form input to a minimum through postal code-based address lookup and pre-population of billing address fields. We arranged the content in the product detail and other key pages so as to minimize scrolling and make the search and navigation readily accessible.

To get around throughput bottlenecks we organized the content of “heavy” pages such that secondary content was placed behind tabs and downloaded after more important primary content. CSS3 in place of images where possible also helped realize snappier load times.
In addition to shopping features we provided Lacoste shoppers on the go with an easy-to-use store locator and full access to their accounts details.

The result? A 262% increase in conversions and another very happy client. MOBILE FTW!