In the Toolbox: Comet


Comet is a web-based content and media transfer system which the simplifies and streamlines to process of supplying and managing website content.

Comet Dashboard

When launching a new or redesigned website with a hundred or more pages or other pieces of content you quickly confront the question of how to supply, track and manage it all. And when dealing with thousands of pages to publish divided among an equal number of Word and text and PDF files, the headaches and margin for error increase

Comet Content DetailsThat’s why we created Comet, our own Content and Media Transfer system. Comet allows Netwise customers to upload their content in just about any format to an online repository which tracks the status of the content at every workflow stage, from upload to publication to review and approval.

Comet Message BoardThe system keeps track of the status of every content item registered in the system in real-time, making it possible to know at any time which content items are missing, ready for review, waiting for revision, complete, etc.
The Comet workflow system is email-based, and notifications are sent to the appropriate project member whenever a workflow action is required. Detailed notification settings allow you to get just the right volume and detail of messages.

Comet Content Status ReportThe Comet workflow is modeled on the typical workflow process for supplying and publishing web content, but relies on a database and web application instead of email for supplying and tracking the status of content. With Comet–and unlike email–nothing gets lost, overlooked, or published without review.

Comet was designed and developed in-house by Netwise as a service for our customers and costs nothing to use.